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You won't believe what John Tory said about why women get paid less than men

John Tory,  a serial loser in electoral politics, seems hell bent on keeping his losing streak alive if he decides to jump into the Toronto mayoral race.

Appearing as a guest on Toronto's CP24 with another electoral loser, Stephen LeDrew, Tory raises the issue about why women in Canada make less than men. The gender pay gap is well-established and stubbornly persistent, and Tory hints that perhaps women are to blame because they just don't ask for a raise.

"When I've had to negotiate, but I will say to you that the number of men who came to negotiate with me when I was running a law firm or a company was much higher than the number of women. The women don’t come as often to complain. The men do, so my experience is a little different in that I do think that more men put a fuss up about their money and that may say a lot about," said Tory, who is cut off by LeDrew.

"It’s a lot harder to say no to women, there's no question about that," LeDrew quips.

"No comment," responded Tory.

He later complained that people were characterising his comments as sexist because a guy was pushing the story for partisan purposes. We're not kidding.

Tory later clarified that girls should learn to play golf. "It's immensely advantageous to your career" because it "puts you in places." Again, we're not kidding.

Watch what Tory said that kickstarted the whole affair (fast-forward to the 3-minute mark):

John Tory