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Jason Kenney needs your help to solve a problem he created

Employment Minister Jason Kenney is busy these days, acting completely shocked that McDonald's and other companies may be filling McJobs with temporary foreign workers instead of locals.

He's even asking the public, via Twitter, for help in finding wayward employers so he can crack down on abuse: 

How about just reviewing Statistics Canada's unemployment statistics and the country's weak employment rate, showing there are plenty of Canadians out of work? Then cross-reference applications from McDonald's and other companies looking for low-wage, low-skill migrant workers. 

How about just rejecting applications from companies like McDonald's seeking to fill low-wage, low-skill jobs with temporary foreign workers, knowing there are plenty of Canadians looking for work?

How about just checking the department's own data, showing sales and service jobs are the single biggest category. The number of TFW positions jumped from 23,650 in 2005 to 70,530 in 2012.

Or comb through all those permits in the "Accommodation and Food Services" sector (that's where those McDonald's jobs will be). The number of temporary foreign workers in these McJobs is way up, from 4,360 in 2005 to 44,740 in 2012.