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Is the marathon government even trying anymore?

Patrick Brown

Updated Jan. 9, 2014.

First, congratulations to Conservative MP Patrick Brown running a 3-hour, 36-minutes marathon.

But what is truly impressive is finding a way for taxpayers to pick up the tab for his travel to New York City in November to run the marathon.

The MP from Barrie, Ont., an avid runner, said the point of the trip was to "meet with United Nations' officials," according to his expense report posted on his website.

The visit just happened to be scheduled for the day after the NYC Marathon. Convenient, eh?

The UN visit also didn't sound so rigorous when Brown did took to Twitter during his actual trip.

When pressed by Postmedia News Monday about Brown's meetings at the UN, Brown's office declined to provide specifics about who he met.

But his office, in an email statement, told Postmedia the "timing of his visit to UN fortunately coincided with NYC Marathon" and was set up by Foreign Affaris.

Yes, how fortunate -- and fleeting.

A few days later, after press interest in the story increased, Brown has had a change of heart. He now says he's decided against having taxpayers cover $1,416.06 in travel costs to NYC.

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