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Canada: meet our smug and belligerent Immigration Minister

Immigration Minister Chris Alexander is on a roll, attacking anyone who challenges the Conservative government's decision to cut refugee health care.

Cuts to the Interim Federal Health Program in 2012 reduced access to health care for most refugees, and some lost all health coverage except for treatment of conditions classified as a threat to public health or safety.

On Monday, Toronto Star columnist Carol Goar bore the brunt of Alexander's snark. The minister didn't like Goar's most recent column about Alexander's "callous side," so he went on the attack.


Canada's top medical journal better be careful. The Canadian Medical Journal's latest editorial, authored by deputy editor Matthew Stanbrook, lays out the problem with the policy.

In addition to being medically irrational and essentially unfair, these cuts are economically irresponsible, because refugees are presenting to emergency departments with acute conditions that could have been prevented or treated in primary care at an earlier stage and at a lower cost.

Ontario's Health Minister, who said the province will be treating people in need and sending Ottawa the bill, already got a "scolding" from Alexander last week. Listen here.

To all you health groups that disagree with the refugee health cuts: be careful. You may be next on Alexander's list.

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