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Is Canada's gun lobby calling the shots?

Conservative Party members from Manitoba will be pushing their party to “recognize the legitimacy of private ownership of firearms” and to “resist any domestic or international pressure to the contrary” at this weekend's policy convention.

You read that right. And it looks like the Conservative government has already been listening.

Recently, Ottawa balked at signing a United Nations Arms Trade Treaty. Canadians are familiar with Stephen Harper’s blustery approach to foreign policy and his dislike of the UN. But this is a treaty meant to regulate the trade of global arms and keep weapons shipments away from extremists. Even the United States supports the treaty. 

Recent research showed that around 80% of Canadians want Canada to be a global leader on humanitarian issues. So why are the Conservatives balking?

Well, it appears Canada’s National Firearms Association is calling the shots on this critical international humanitarian issue. 

It makes you wonder what other red meat they’ll throw to their base.