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"Harper's real war is with unions"

The cat is out of the bag, says National Post columnist Tasha Kheiriddin. Forget the Senate scandal and the daily drip of embarrassing Mike Duffy news for the Conservative Party. The real war is with unions, Kheiriddin wrote Thursday.

While the political showdown making news this month has pitted Prime Minister Stephen Harper against Senator Mike Duffy, a more important battle is shaping up for the 2015 election. It’s between the Conservative Party and organized labour — as evidenced by the resolutions the party will be debating at its policy convention in Calgary this week.

Kheiriddin is right.

Check out the slew of motions coming up for debate at the Conservative Party convention. The party triaged the motions to avoid duplication, and still managed to advance nine proposals that are variations on one theme: undermine bargaining rights and attack organized labour.

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