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The "Old Duff" fundraising for the Conservative Party

The daily revelations coming out about Mike Duffy and the Senate scandal are riveting. They can distract, though, from the underlying problem with Canada’s upper chamber.

One of the defining features of the modern Senate is that, for decades, the government of the day has appointed party fundraisers, organizers and former staffers, tapped to do party work on the public dime.

That’s exactly why Stephen Harper appointed Duffy to the Senate in December 2008. Fast-forward to today, and the Prime Minister is desperate to cut him loose.

That’s difficult to do – and we’ve got the video that shows why.

Back on September 2, 2010, the Conservative Party sent an email blast to supporters. In it, there’s a special video message from the “Old Duff” asking for money to prepare for a looming federal election to stop the “weak, reckless” coalition.

The Conservative Party’s fundraising department even set up a special email address for the senator ([email protected]), further blurring the line between Senate and party business.

Check out the fundraising pitch: