Jodie Tonita

Expertise: Changement organisationnel, Développement du leadership, Renforcement des capacités

Jodie Tonita supports leaders to cultivate powerful ideas and innovative solutions that unlock the challenges of our times. She’s an innovator with thirty-plus years in wide-ranging roles as an executive, strategist, producer, coach, facilitator, technologist, and board member.  

She’s supported hundreds of eminent change makers to build visionary initiatives, trusted relationships, political analysis and emergent strategy at the intersections of gender, racial, economic, worker, and climate justice.

Jodie collaborates with Black, Brown, and Indigenous leaders to advance their ideas and vision, particularly women of color, and queer and gender expansive people. She helps White leaders to be brave and efficacious in their efforts to forward equity and dismantle oppression.

Through partnerships with Rockwood Leadership Institute and Change Elemental Jodie has strengthened the field of social change by spreading transformative approaches to leadership, organizational, and network development.