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Jason Kenney sticks to skills story

Jason Kenney, Canada's minister of jobs, has been busy these days talking up the controversial Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) Program.

Things got awkward for Kenney last week, when TD Economics released a study throwing "cold water" on the idea of a skills shortage in Canada. The problem? The number of TFW in Canada has been growing steadily over the years, with reports of companies abusing the program and bumping domestic employees for lower-paid temporary foreign workers vulnerable to human-rights abuses.

On Tuesday, the Globe and Mail chimed in, publishing fresh statistics that show TFW numbers have spiked this year, after the government claimed it was reforming the program to make sure Canadians weren’t losing out on jobs.

But facts and stats be damned. Jason Kenney is sticking to his story and talking up the TFW Program on Twitter. Check it out:


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