About The Institute

Who we are 

The Broadbent Institute is an independent, non-partisan organization championing progressive change through the promotion of democracy, equality, and sustainability and the training of a new generation of leaders. 

We are proud of Canada’s tradition as a diverse, fair, just, and inclusive society. These values matter to us today and they matter to our future. The vast majority of Canadians share these progressive values.

At the Broadbent Institute, we believe that the progressive principles and collective efforts that have made us who we are as a country can inform new ways of thinking and new approaches to government that equip us to address the challenges facing Canadians.

What we stand for

The Broadbent Institute brings attention to the need to evolve the social democratic values that guide us as a society. Canada currently faces a host of challenges: rising inequality and the loss of secure and meaningful work; the erosion of trust in our democracy; run-away climate change and ecological degradation; and persistent youth unemployment and Aboriginal poverty, to name but a few.

We believe not only that these challenges are surmountable, but also that Canada can build on its strengths and chart an innovative path forward that is once again the envy of the world.

In service of overcoming these challenges, the Broadbent Institute stands for:

  • economic development that is considered together with social development
  • sustainable, productive markets harnessed in service of the public good
  • public policy that flows from robust citizen engagement in decision-making
  • accountable, open, and responsive government
  • intergenerational, gender, and intercultural equality
  • celebration of the diversity of Canada’s varied communities
  • meaningful reconciliation with Canada’s Aboriginal, Inuit, and Métis populations
  • respect for the integrity of the ecosystems that ensure our long-term prosperity


Our work

As an independent and non-partisan organization, the Broadbent Institute works to:

  • research and share the ideas that will help create the secure, sustainable future we all desire
  • shed light on and counter regressive practices, policies, and ideas
  • develop the leaders of tomorrow
  • convene progressive voices to recast national political conversations
  • encourage and welcome open discussion about the ideas that will move us forward
  • motivate Canadians to speak and act based on their beliefs

Together, we fuel progress.