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Conservative "retirement" watch

The list of Conservative MPs jumping ship is growing.

Ted Menzies, the government's junior finance minister until the summer cabinet shuffle, announced last week that he was resigning his southern Alberta seat in the House of Commons. This week, Menzies announced his new job: president of CropLife Canada. The organization represents companies that sell pest control products and plant biotechnology.

Menzies follows in the footsteps of Merv Tweed, who resigned his Manitoba seat earlier this year after toiling away as a backbencher for nearly a decade. He is now president of Omnitrax Canada, a railway company that lobbied Tweed when he chaired the House of Commons' transport committee.

Tweed followed his Manitoba colleague Vic Toews, who seems to be waiting patiently for the call to the bar.

So who's next? Peter MacKay? John Baird?

Photo: OECD. Used under a Creative Commons BY 2.0 licence.