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Cadillac Fairview: Merry Christmas, you're fired!

Cadillac Fairview makes a hefty profit as the owner and operator of malls and office buildings across the country. The company earned nearly $1 billion in profit last year alone.

But Cadillac Fairview isn't willing to pay fair wages to the cleaning staff. Just a few months before Christmas, 150 of them lost their jobs when Cadillac Fairview changed to a lower paying contractor at two of its buildings in Vancouver.

You see, Cadillac Fairview found a contractor who paid its cleaning staff $10.50 an hour with crappy benefits, instead of $12.50 an hour. This is Vancouver, where a living wage is pegged at $19.62 an hour.

Now, just a few days before Christmas, some of the cleaning staff, along with their union Unifor, were back at the Pacific Centre mall in Vancouver on Saturday to deliver a message to the Grinch, also known as Cadillac Fairview: