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Booya! This union just clobbered Target in the video outreach department

Target Corp., third-largest retailer in the United States, is making a big play in Canada.

Following its $1.8 billion deal in 2011 to take over up to 200 Zellers leases, the company plans to have 133 locations in Canada by the end of the year.

The discount retailer is likely busy these days, trying to figure out how to dig out of a hole after posting a $941 million loss last year related to its Canadian operations.

But after the leak this week of its latest anti-union video (you've got to watch it, courtesy of Gawker, because it's just so bad), the retailer should take the time to check out what unions actually do to fight for fair wages and shared prosperity.

Watch this cute kitty, courtesy of the Canadian Union of Public Employees in Ontario. 


Photo: YouTube