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About that Senate residency thing...

The Conservative government tried a new argument Wednesday to try and contain the Senate scandal.

Paul Calandra, the Prime Minister's Parliamentary Secretary, stood up in the House of Commons to chide three of Harper's Senate appointees for not knowing where they lived. Part of the spending scandal involving Pamela Wallin, Mike Duffy and Patrick Brazeau revolves around their primary residences and expense claims.

The residency question could be put to Stephen Harper. After all, he appointed Wallin as a representative of Saskatchewan, even though she lived in Ontario. Duffy was a longtime resident of Ottawa, but was appointed as a Senator for Prince Edward Island. 

Or to Peter Van Loan, the Conservative government's House Leader, who not that long ago stood up in the House of Commons to defend the three senators and their "deep ties" to their home provinces.

Compare Calandra in October with Van Loan in February:


Photo: YouTube