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"We can't afford to have a soft conservative representing us"

The imminent retirement of MP Maurice Vellacott, a leader of the morality squad in the Conservative caucus, means there will be a hole to fill.

And it looks like Randy Schiller of Weyburn, Saskatchewan may want to fill it.

Conservative MP Ed Komarnicki has already announced, like Vellacott, that he won't be running in the 2015 election, and Schiller has decided to go for the Conservative nomination in the riding of Souris-Moose Mountain.

His rationale? The other candidates to replace Komarnicki are "soft conservatives."

Here's what Schiller told the Estevan Mercury, a local newspaper:

"With the unexpected retirement announcement from Ed, and after seeing the first three candidates that declared, I thought that they were soft conservatives, and we can't afford to have a soft conservative representing us," said Schiller, who holds strong beliefs in core conservative principles. "We can't have liberals or even socialists running our country."

"I'm hoping to accomplish a stronger Canada that is financially and morally sound. Canadian values are rapidly eroding. We need to return to self-reliance and personal initiative. I want to decrease Canadians' dependency on government, and we must decrease our government's addiction to tax increases, which feeds that dependency."

"Our once strong conservative Canadian values are being degraded. We no longer have self-reliance in our personal initiatives. People want to rely on the government, and we need to break that reliance in government."

Schiller, who served as president of the Weyburn Big Muddy Sask. Party Constituency Association before entering the race, is the "financial secretary and faithful captain with his local church group," according to the local paper. 

Good to know Schiller thinks he should be picked as the Conservative candidate over "soft conservatives."

Photo: spendadaytouringUsed under a Creative Commons BY-SA 2.0 licence.