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2013's top 5 LOL moments in QP

Question Period was often painful to watch this year because the Conservatives spent month after month not answering questions on the Senate scandal and the PMO cover-up.
There were brief moments of levity, though, that made us laugh in between the long extended sighs and cringes more characteristic of QP.
Here are five of our favourite moments.
There's Liberal MP Rodger Cuzner reciting his end-of-year holiday poem about "talking point-settias;" Stephen Harper getting schooled by a young NDP MP on how to email and text after chastising the Opposition for being stuck in a bygone era; Tom Mulcair's "testiphony" slip up that turned out to be a zinger; Pierre Poilievre delivering his "Vanilla Not-So-Nice" rap line that really fell flat (that part was funny); and the classic exchange between NDP MP Pat Martin and cabinet minister John Baird about Canada's "dead-ication" to averting a zombie apocalypse.
Enjoy the last hours of 2013 with a chuckle at these QP moments.